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Never Never: Part Two (Never Never, #2) by Colleen Hoover (Goodreads Author), Tarryn Fisher (Goodreads Author)

Never Never: Part Two (Never Never, #2)Never Never: Part Two by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I’m unsure what I really want to say about this book. I did get a few answers, but it never really went anywhere for me. I feel like this book could’ve just been included within book 3.

I really enjoyed the first book; this one just left me disappointed.

3 stars


While I feel I got some answers, honestly I feel as though this could have just been included with what will be the last book.

I almost felt cheated in a way, the writing was good, as always, and we learned a little more about Charlie and Silas, but that was it. Being cut off in mid-sentence was frustrating, if there’s a part four to this story, I’m flouncing.

3 1/2 stars

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Irrevocable (Evan Arden Book 5) By Shay Savage





Have you ever made a mistake?

A big one?

I’m back in Chicago and back in business with my boss, Rinaldo Moretti.  So much for my run at a normal life.  There are some new faces in the organization, and someone’s been cooking the books.  Personally?  I think they’re after more than a just little cash.  If I have any hopes of flushing out the traitor, I’m going to need to find a good hooker to help me sleep at night.

As the bodies pile up, I find solace in Alina.  There’s something about her, something different.  She understands me without asking a lot of questions.  It’s as if she’s known me for years, yet we’ve only just met.  If I weren’t so distracted by business, I’d try to figure out her story.  She’s the only one keeping me grounded as my world spins out of control.

I’m going to lose the one man who has ever meant anything to me – the only man to ever call me son.  I want to deny his request, but there is no avoiding what awaits me.  I never wanted any of this, but I’m out of options, and time is running out.

Some choices have unforeseen consequences, and some choices are simply irrevocable.


About Shay Savage:



Shay Savage lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her family and a variety of household pets.  She is an accomplished public speaker, and holds the rank of Distinguished Toastmaster from Toastmasters International.  When not writing, she enjoys science fiction movies, masquerading as a zombie, is a HUGE Star Wars fan, and member of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers.  When the geek fun runs out, she also loves off-roading in her jeep, and soccer in any and all forms – especially the Columbus Crew, Arsenal and Bayern Munich.  Savage holds a degree in psychology, and she brings a lot of that knowledge into the characters within her stories.

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Irrevocable (Evan Arden Book 5)Irrevocable by Shay Savage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**We received an ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.**

When I first started reading this book (while Shay was writing it), my first thought was, “WTF!”. Now that I’ve read the whole thing, I freaking love it!

I know not everyone is going to love this series; and some of you may even hate it. In my mind, Evan got the life he deserved, with the right woman for him, in the end.

I was happy to see loose ends tied up, and got quite a few answers that I hope for. To say I was shocked at the twists would be an understatement; I didn’t see them coming, not even close: the betrayals; the partnerships; the secrets that were revealed—which shocked me to the core.

I’ll miss Evan, but I’m happy to see he got what he needed and (didn’t know he) wanted out of life.

5 stars
I am not even sure where to start. I loved getting to see Evan come into his own. This book closed up a lot of loose ends that I have wondered about. I will truly miss Evan Arden.

I was happy that he ended up with a great girl who loved him no matter what he did. He had a rough life and deserved to be happy.

5 stars

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Official ‪#‎DIRTY‬ Anthology Book Announcement and GIVEAWAY!!!

Featuring three filthy tales from K.I. Lynn, N. Isabelle Blanco, and Elena M. Reyes
Dirty Word by Elena M. Reyes
***Mature Audience. Over 18+***
Devin Andrews had it all. Everything but the one woman he coveted.
He wanted her in the sickest of ways—yearned for those dirty words
she used to entice him, drive him mad with hunger…need.
Taken from his rib to create perfection, he found love and the one
woman born to be his.
How far will he go to take ownership of what’s always been his? To
what cost?
Once with her, how do you seduce a woman you’ve never met?
You don’t. You just take.

Tempt by K.I. Lynn

Dean Sampson can’t stop fantasizing about his intern, Alyssa Lockley. He’s counting down they days until she’s gone and out of his life. 
It’s not that he doesn’t want her, but there’s more than one problem keeping him for taking her and being his intern isn’t one of them. 
First, his co-worker and best friend, Cooper, is her big brother. He’s going through a horrid divorce. Then add in that Alyssa is only nineteen and he’s thirty three, and it all spells disaster for Dean. 
Will he take the apple from his Eve and succumb to her temptation?

Systematic Siege: Provocative Tendencies #1
He was the player. The most popular guy in high school. In other words, the stereotypical heartbreaker that every girl died for.
She was one of the nerds. The outcast teased and shunned by the popular kids in school. In other words, him and his crew.
He always wanted her, she just never knew it . . .
In order to maintain his popularity, he buried those feelings deep, deep down in the pit of his miserable little soul.
That is, until one night he lost control.
They both did.
Unfortunately, they weren’t the only ones that knew it. What his friends ended up doing with the knowledge would scar her for the next seven years of her life.
And leave him wrecked, dealing with years of agony because he’d lost her.
High School graduation came and went, and they never saw each other again.
Now, seven years later, Andrew’s stepped in and taken his father’s place as CEO of his family’s company, Drevlow Systems, Inc.
Along with the new position comes a host of perks . . . and a brand new systems genius working as the head of his company’s IT department.
An IT genius that just happens to be the one woman he never forgot.
She hasn’t forgotten him or his reputation either and she wants nothing to do with him.
He’s determined to have hershe’s determined to see him burn in hell before that happens.
What ensues takes the term War of the Sexes to a whole new level.
Rafflecopter with over 30 prizes up for grabs!!!!

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Pucked by Helena Hunting

PuckedPucked by Helena Hunting
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We were given the ARC for an honest review by the author.
Let me just say I have never laughed so much or so hard reading a book as I did with this one. Once I started reading I refused put it down—real world be damned!
Violet Hall was the quite shy girl, with a mouth that had no filter at all. She often just spouted things out of her mouth without ever realizing it. Hockey players were not her thing after she got burned by one in the past, until she met the captain of her step-brother’s hockey team, Alex Waters.
Alex was a man-whore living life to the fullest; sleeping with a different girl at nearly every stop in practically every city where his team played. He was famous for his hat trick…you would need read the book to learn what that was! Once he laid eyes on Violet, his hockey stick will never let her beaver be lonely again.
The only thing I didn’t like were the jumps in time near the end of the book. I found them frustrating and hard to follow along, at times. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying Pucked; it was a very comical read.
4 stars
I loved this, truly loved this book! I related to Violet because I have no filter—whatsoever—and when I get nervous I say very inappropriate things. I laughed so hard at times that I cried!! The book needed a tissue warning for a very different reason than what I’m used to—it was hilarious!
I enjoyed having the insight into Alex’s mind and the way it worked; he was such a typical man. And we all know they never think with the head on their shoulders. NEVER. He made his share of stupid mistakes, but I loved the way he owned up to them. Violet never really stood a chance with staying away from him, honestly…
She had been screwed over by a no-chance-to-get-in-the-NHL-hockey-player-wannabe in the past. I mean, dude was a complete tool. He had turned her against all hockey players, until an extremely confident, wouldn’t take no for an answer, Alex skated into her life.
This is a laugh out loud, no angst, and low drama story and just what I wanted and needed currently…
It was phenomenal.
4 stars

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Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura (Breaking Free #1) by Annie Hughes

Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura (Breaking Free #1)Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura by Annie Hughes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.
I don’t know where to start with my review of this book. Its summary wasn’t something I’d normally look for, but once I started reading it, I could not put it down. Breaking Free had a way of kidnapping all of my thoughts over the last few days. I was still thinking about it long after turning the last page.
Anna Rosa Castillo was not like any other 16 year old girl. She had been thrown more things than any person should have to go through in a lifetime. After being abused by her step-father since she was 9, and losing her mother because of her asshole step-father, Anna meets her biological father that she never knew.
This book was about the courage and strength Anna needed to overcome the challenges in her way, but ultimately, to make sure her stepfather never hurt anyone else again.
4 stars

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