Sharp Left Turn (Sharp Turn Saga, #1) by Faye Byrd

Sharp Left Turn (Sharp Turn Saga, #1)Sharp Left Turn by Faye Byrd
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This is the second book we’ve reviewed by this author, and the first book in a new series. Book 1, Sharp Left Turn, was just fantastic! Interior Designer Easton Wilder, known to her friends and family as Easy, is a single mom to her sweet boy, Cameron. When three-year-old Cam is diagnosed with a potentially deadly condition, there’s nothing Easy won’t do to make him better. Too bad there’s not much for her to really do, except face every fear she has head-on, even the frightening, life-changing turns she never saw coming.

Trystan Ashby is a chef that gives Gordan Ramsey a run in the kitchen. He’s a foul-mouthed, hot-headed, womanizer, who is in ultimate control of his life. He has a beautiful, smart, and a bit of a clumsy son, Blake, who he adores and turns into a marshmallow for. When mysterious messages begin to be left on his voicemail, he reacts in a way everyone expects, cautiously, but his take-no-prisoner attitude is the opposite of the tact that’s required of him. He leaves his little dude behind to fly to another city to get the answers he needs to questions he didn’t even ask.

When Easton’s world is turned upside down, can a reluctant Trystan be counted on to save the only thing that matters to her? Trust is earned, but his gruff attitude may be a dead-end before the process can even be started. They are forced together by circumstances neither could imagine, and need to travel the road less travel together, whether they want to or not. Their world’s crashed together and it’s up to them to clear the wreckage, for their sons’ futures. Too bad Trystan’s behavior is unpredictable, at best.

“Easton.” His voice is low, seductive. “Please, sit back down. I don’t bite.” I allow my eyes to find his, and what I see there is a contradiction to his words. He does bite, and I’d be a fool to let it slip my mind.

A truce is made and a new road to health is in the works, but their lives will never, ever, be the same again. And somehow that will be a good thing, I think. Until his past creates a roadblock they never anticipated.

I really enjoyed the start of the Sharp Turn Saga, and look forward to book 2, Sharp Right Turn, where the past becomes the present and Cameron’s future teeters in the hands of those desperate to save it, by any means necessary.

4.5 stars

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