I’m Amanda, and I live with my husband. We live in a northwestern suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio (affectionately known as “Da ‘Nati” to us natives). We have a son who thinks Call of Duty is his call to duty, and his younger violin-playing sister. Then there’s our zoo: dogs, cats, chickens, snakes, rabbits & a bearded dragon…oh, and the neighbors’ kids who never seem to go home!
    I am a full-time nursing student, and work part time at a doctor’s office when I don’t have my nose stuck in a book. I absolutely love to read (obsessed is more like it!), and never go anywhere without my Kindle.
   One day last Fall I was joking around with my BFF Teresa, and told her that with as many books as we read on a weekly basis, we needed to start a book blog…
First came a love of books,
Then came a chat with a friend,
And…the ‘Two Girls with Books’ blog was born.
          My name is Teresa, and I live in a northern suburb of Atlanta with my husband, our awesome daughter and fur babies. I work full-time, while fantasizing about that dream job where I get paid to read. My Kindle is the best present my parents ever gave me and, like the American Express card, I never leave home without it.
          I read a lot and almost every genre…if it sounds good, I’ll give it a shot. Amanda and I have been reading books together for a couple of years now, so it made sense to tell the rest of the world what we like and we don’t like about the books we fly through.
         Susan is a mother, teacher and avid reader with a weak spot for sheikhs and pirates.  And MMA fighters. And Navy SEALS.  Oh, who is she trying to kid?  She loves all the heroes in the romance books she endlessly reads while wishing she were the heroine in them.