Adult Care

Adult Care is a very difficult subject to deal with, and when it comes to the people we love is even more. That’s the reason why we should look for the best options of Assisted Living in Mexico.

What are Assisted Living Homes?

Assisted Living Homes are the best option for the people who require very little senior care

on a daily basis, and the best thing is that allow residents to maintain their independence as

long as possible without compromising their safety. In this places they support privacy, autonomý and dignity while focusing on community and family involvement.

There are many benefits of have our loved ones in Assisted Living Home, some of them are:

  • 24 hours medical and nursing monitoring
  • Home Cooked Meals
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning service
  • Personal Care, grooming service
  • Daily Activities
  • Medication Management
  • Private and share rooms
  • Short-Term Care
  • Opportunity to socialize
  • Lower cost than a nursing home
  • Transportation

Signs that is time to consider Assisted Living

  • Caregiver stress
  • Presents Alzheimer’s disease or dementia
  • Aggression from the senior
  • Escalating care needs
  • Forget to take medications
  • Poor diet or weight loss
  • Lost of interest in activities or hobbies
  • Poor personal hygiene

Pros of Assisted Living

Almost all of the residents of Assisted Living Home in México are happy and comfortable with the services that are provided to them, they don’t have to worry about anything and can live their lives as they please.

Another one of the benefits of the assisted living environment is that allows seniors who have diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, early dementia, Parkinson’s or even physical challenges to live an independent life, and that’s because there’s always someone who look after them. Also keeping up with appointments and daily chores are often stressful for seniors and their families, and many times they forget about them and that have repercussions in the health of the seniors, in an Assisted Living Home that’s not a problem anymore.

The social environment is another of the benefits, because in home at that age is very common that the people expend almost all of their time alone and that induce them to feel sad, even fall into depression. That is not the case in Assisted Living Homes, because there they can socialize with the other residents in the different activities that they offer like chess, bingo, dancing, and others where they can make friends or why not, even a partner.

Sometimes can be difficult to make the decision to move to Assisted Living Home, that’s why is very important to have a family conversation were all can be clear that support our aging loved one in this stage is the most important thing in the world, and that’s why all agree in that important decision.

Why Assisted Living in Mexico?

Well the answer to that question is that Mexico is a country recognized because of the warmness of their people, the quality of their services (like medical or dental care) and for being cheaper than other countries, including the United States. This applies to Assisted

Living too, and Tijuana is the best place because of its proximity with the United States. In this city the best option is Senior Baja Care.