How to guide my son so he can choose a career

Choosing a career will always be one of the most difficult decisions that a person will have to make throughout his life. And if we think that is because in earlier times this decision did not even have to be taken, before the roles were already set, since it was born was already known what that person will be in the future, depending mainly on what their economic conditions were, which if we think about it on the side of people who did not have so many economic possibilities, it was even sadder than today, because there was absolutely nothing they could do.

However, in those times they could say that life had treated them badly or had been unfair to them and in this way they could take away the responsibility of feeling unhappy with their life. Something that can not be done nowadays, because now we have the possibility to decide what we want to study and what we want to dedicate to for the rest of our lives. We could say that now we have more freedom, although if we start to analyze it in depth it is not really that way.

And since we have already gone through that, when the time comes to be parents and our children have to make this decision, what we want is to avoid feeling pressured and help them make the best decision, one of which they do not leave to repent and not have any problem in the future that they feel dissatisfied or unhappy with their lives. The only thing we want for our children is that they have all the happiness we have always wanted them to have.

To help them make the best decision it is necessary that we pay attention and not assume automatically what they should study, because not necessarily what we think is best for them is actually, so to avoid that in the future They also blame us for not being satisfied. So we have to pay close attention, talk to them and ask them what they like, what they want, what they think they can feel comfortable with.

If we talk to them from the beginning and we do not give up the first time and we really care about what they want for their lives, they will always thank us. There is nothing better than family support, often what is needed to make an adequate decision is to feel that you have someone to support you and support you in your decisions. So the first thing we have to do when the time comes, is to sit down with our children and ask them what they want to do with their lives, what they want, if they want to be a lawyer, teacher, dentist in Tijuana, doctor, actor, architect or what they really enjoy and want to do for the rest of their lives, making them feel that they make the decision they make, we will always be there for them.