Foods That Can Be Dangerous To Children

In stages of growth, it is necessary that parents take special care in the feeding of the child, this mainly so that there are no choking problems. When the child is in a stage of growth, it is normal to introduce to their mouths particular objects or food that can cause severe damage to the child, to avoid problems, parents must take precautions with food such as:

Dried fruit

Due to the size of these nuts, they likely stagnate the throat of the infant, which can cause severe respiratory problems. Therefore, potatoes should prevent children from consuming nuts such as peanuts, almonds, and pistachios. It is recommended that the consumption of these foods is from 5 years of age; this mainly because at younger generations, the child is learning to feed so you can swallow these foods without chewing them and cause them to get stuck in the throat. Parents can crush nuts to avoid throat damage.

The cookies

Although it is delicious and eye-catching food for children, precautions need to be taken. The hard consistency of the cookie can make it difficult to crush; on the other hand, being hard, causes the saliva to be absorbed by the cookie, so it will be difficult to swallow. Remember that saliva allows food to slip, and, in the absence of saliva, the mass of food can stagnate more easily. To avoid this, it is recommended that parents crush the cookies into small pieces.

Grapes and apples

Since grapes are a small food, it is considered one of the most dangerous fruits in a growth stage, so it should be avoided the consumption of this fruit at the age of fewer than four years. The apple, being a hard fruit, will cost more difficulties to the child to chew it, swallow it, allowing the fact that it is stuck in the throat of the infant. Likewise, it is recommended that the apple be crushed or given to the child in the form of mashed fruit.

Hot Dogs

It is a very rich food for both adults and children, but if the child is learning to chew, it is better not to give him this type of food. Sausages due to their shape can easily stagnate in the throat, so the combination with bread is not ideal because it forms a hard dough that can easily get stuck in the throat. If you want to give children sausages, it is recommended that they are cut into strips rather than slices.


Children consume this product the most, but it cannot only cause it to get stuck in the throat, but its long-term use can cause problems with the teeth, which will require a visit to a dentist in Tijuana to solve the problem. Children mustn’t be given gum at an early age as it can stick to the walls of the airways and later cause problems.


Popcorn should never be absent when watching a movie, but if there are children under four years, it is better not to consume them as it can be hazardous for them. Mainly because the popcorn can lodge in the trachea and prevent the child from breathing.

In the event of choking, parents or caregivers must act quickly to remove what is preventing the child from breathing.