What Care Is Necessary For A Tooth Extraction?

At some point in our lives, we have gone through some extraction of a tooth, mainly when the wisdom teeth begin to appear. Patients must keep in mind that many times, these tooth extractions are performed so that the appearance of the smile is more aesthetic, which is why many people, to obtain better results, turn to cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana to perfect their smile. It is necessary to keep in mind that not only because it is an extraction means that it is not essential to take special care.

If the person suffers constant pain and vigorous-intensity in a tooth is of utmost importance that immediately goes to a dentist because this disease may be due to an infection that has given the dental pulp, may also be by caries that have already progressed or by the appearance of a cyst in the painful area. The extraction of a tooth is indeed something pleasant for the patient. Still, many times, it is necessary so that later, the health of the oral cavity does not worsen or endanger the functionality of teeth that are around the affected area.

For the intervention to be performed correctly, the patient must take particular care before and after the procedure. This is so that the damage does not spread to other parts and to avoid any infection. The indications given by the dentist must be carried out.

What should be done before an extraction?

Let’s start first with the preoperative care; some of them are:

  • Antibiotics: Depending on the degree in which the tooth is found, sometimes it will be necessary to take medicines that are previously controlling the pain and infections that can suffer the tooth. On the other hand, the ingestion of antibiotics will help so that the germs located in the oral cavity do not move through the blood to other parts of the body, mainly at the time of surgery.
  • There are cases where it is sometimes difficult to fight infections, especially when the patient suffers from a disease such as diabetes, a weak immune system, among others. That is why it is essential that before the surgery, the dentist is notified about the diseases that the person suffers so that the dentist is aware of the procedure to be performed.
  • Anticoagulants: If the patient is submitted to a treatment where he is medicated with this medicine, it will be a matter of the dentist to analyze if they are withdrawn for a short period or to let the person continue consuming his medicine in a usual way. It is recommended that you first talk to the doctor who assigned the medication to find out if there is any problem in removing the anticoagulants. After this, the dentist will be notified of the doctor’s decision. On many occasions, it is not necessary to withdraw the drug.

What care should we take after the operation?

To take care of the veil: The function of the gauze is to cut the bleeding caused by the extraction; for that reason, the indications of the specialist must be carried out correctly. During the first hour, the patient must bite the gauze firmly to avoid bleeding. The gauze should be changed every hour to prevent alveolitis.

It is recommended that the patient does not use rinses during the first few days because the area where the tooth was extracted forms a blood clot that serves as a plug to prevent bleeding. If the rinsing is used, there is a high probability that the lump will be removed. Therefore, there will be bleeding.

It is vital to keep the wound clean, and many dentists will recommend the use of a special rinse to clean the affected area. It is crucial that dental cleaning be performed, but with the utmost care.