Understanding Older Adults

As people get older, it becomes more complicated to carry out activities that they normally did in the past, the body weakens day by day, losing the physical and mental strength of the individual. The daily tasks become somewhat difficult to do, the memory (in many cases) is worn out, confusing the person. The needs of the elderly are changing, they need intensive care and constant attention that, not always, the family has the opportunity to give them. In this type of cases, families look for an institution that can help them take care of their elderly family members; in most cases, they often have illnesses that require 24-hour care.


According to the note presented by the page in spanish “Expansion”, in its celebration for the day of the grandfather, the study made by the INEGI presents us that in 2017 there was an approximate quantity of 13 million habitants that oscillated between the 60 years of age and older. Of which many are in a deplorable state, living in abandon and mistreatment, without the necessary care to lead a healthy and dignified life. The increase of this situation is a constant alarm for society because this rise only notifies, in a certain way, dehumanization. Due to this factor, Mexico published “Ley de los Derechos de las Personas Adultas Mayores” with the purpose of helping and protecting the elderly through medical services and legal advice.


The rapid growth of cities has allowed the construction of places dedicated to the care and attention of elderly people; providing home, food, medical care, emotional health, recreational activities, spiritual health and stay. Complying with two essential factors for the care of people: medical and emotional care and a safe stay. They must also have specialized areas and personnel. Areas such as: men’s and women’s bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining rooms, chapels (not always), cleaning store and laundry. Personnel such as: nurses, cooks, cleaning personnel, security, etc…


Older adults, like all people, usually have emotional and physical problems that cause them low self-esteem, despair and tension due to the loss of strength, which over the years is deteriorating. This loss causes them to depend entirely on others, which is why it is vital to meet the needs of older people, providing a relaxed environment for them to have emotional peace. Because each place that provides the stay of older adults must have as main objective to provide a dignified aging. Out of situations of poverty, violence and discrimination. Exalting the best qualities of the individual, and focusing on a dignified life, with social and filial recognition on the part of the family.


Older people should not be a burden on society just because they lack certain physical or mental factors, on the contrary, we should be more concerned about them and pay more attention to these people who are in adulthood, so that they do not suffer abuse and can live their full lives. The UN recommends that it is important for older people to have sufficient independence about how and where to live; to be actively involved in society; to be cared for and protected by their families and community; to have access to educational, cultural and recreational resources that enable them to fulfil themselves and to face their lives with dignity. If family members cannot provide the necessary care, it is best to look for places that provide an assisted living Mexico / assisted living Tijuana that meets the requirements for support to the elderly.